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Moose Jalapeño Poppers!

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

These poppers are out of this world. When it comes to spicy food, we're not always on the same page...yet when these come on the menu, neither of us can resist.

A beautiful blend of wild game, heat and sweetness... you're going to want to try them. They're a hit, and even kid tested! We've adapted this recipe from the Trager Grill website to use with moose since that's what is filling our freezer on these winter days. Wild Newfoundland Moose is packed with protein, super lean and full of vitamins & minerals. Not to mention it's free from antibiotics & added hormones. You'll want to marinate the moose for 30 mins minimum, and its even better after a day. Don't feel like you have to cook them all the same time, you can prepare all of the ingredients and bake them as needed!


Moose Marinade:

1/4 cup lime juice

1/4 cup soy sauce

1/4 cup Worcestershire sauce

8oz Moose cut in thin slivers (any cut will do).

Marinate the moose for anywhere from 30 mins - 24 hrs.

Remaining Ingredients:

10 Jalapeño peppers

227g container of whipped cream cheese (herb & garlic works, you don't need it all)

10 pieces of bacon cut in half

20 toothpicks

honey (optional)

~ 10 Jalapeño peppers halved and deseeded... try to cut the stem in half on each so that each popper has a handle. If you like things spicy, leave a seed or two inside each pepper half, it will really light things up! I usually put 2 toothpicks in the spicy ones so people can choose their heat.

~ Fill with seasoned cream cheese - we use Herb & garlic

~ Lay a piece of marinated moose on top

~ Wrap with 1/2 piece of bacon a put a toothpick through to keep everything together.

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~ Bake @ 425 for about 15 mins or until bacon is cooked. You'll want the peppers to look a little soft & darker green. You can line your sheet with foil, use a silicone baking sheet or a cooking rack.

~ Drizzle with honey (optional & delicious), let cool a few mins & enjoy!!

Let us know what you think, we would love to hear from you!

moose jalapeno poppers, worlds best moose recipe, wild game recipe, jalapeño poppers

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