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If you are new to the sport or you've been fishing your whole life, chances are you can benefit from a casting lesson. The beauty of fly fishing is that you can learn something new every day to improve your fishing experience. Lessons are a great way to learn the basics, to pick up a new casting technique,

or to add those few extra feet to go the distance. 

We offer private lessons as well as group lessons.

All equipment is provided. Internationally certified fly casting instructor.

Murrays Pond
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Big falls with Jeremy Charles & son
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Our 1 or 2 day fly fishing school is a great way to fully immerse yourself in the art of fly fishing, and learn the specifics of fishing for Atlantic Salmon.  These school sessions are the ideal way to get involved in fly fishing, change those bad habits or learn a new skill. Feel confident when you hit the water with new tools and techniques at hand. In our schools you will learn the art of the fly cast, knot tying, reading the water, hooking, fighting and landing an Atlantic salmon,

and the current fish handling + catch and release techniques.  

We'll cover wading technique, safety, conservation and so much more.  

Schools will be taught classroom style in the morning and out on the water in the afternoon.  

There is a limited class size to ensure quality learning and hands on experience. Arrangements can be made for larger & corporate groups. You will leave the day with the confidence and skill to go fish on your own! 

Casting lesson

Learning doesn't stop when the season ends, and it isn't limited by location! We have interactive online classes to discuss all aspects of salmon fishing, fly selection, and casting tips to fix your faults.  


Send us an email to discuss upcoming dates 

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