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My daughter is hooked!

My 14 year old daughter Nevaeh and I took a trip to Flowers River Lodge to meet up with Terry and fish salmon for a few days. It was wonderful to say the least!

The weather threw everything at us that we could imagine, except for snow.

We had frost, wind, rain, clouds, and sunshine. High water, windy water, cloudy water and crystal clear water. From one hour to next we didn't know what was coming. September in northern Labrador. Fortunately we were ready for it all. Weather AND the mosquitos.

Fishing was tough the first 2 days with high muddy water and the fish had done a disappearing act. I couldn't blame them. The 3rd day we went down river to search hard. Nevaeh was the only one to hook a fish, she got it on a wet fly and got a few jumps out of it before it released itself. The "perfect release" is how we normally describe a fish that gets away before the touch. Somehow it was a little tough for me to say, as this was her first fish..

The next day we went up-river. It turns out that Nevaeh is a great dry fly fisherman. She is consistent with her accuracy and puts it out there with just enough slack line to make a great drag free drift. She threw at least 100 casts over a fish that we spotted by a rock. I didn't realize the patience it took to salmon fish, I don't even think about it when I'm fishing alone. Some days I will fish 3-4 hrs nonstop over a fish that showed the day dark water where you have no idea if there's a fish within miles.

This is one thing I love about Flowers River, when the weather cooperates, you can site fish. On careful inspection you can see fish holding in the pools and try your best to get them to take.

Patience and perseverance paid off for Nevaeh...she didn't stop once for a break and after about 30 mins the fish took a perfectly presented dry fly and Nevaeh set the hook well! We coached her as she played and brought the fish to the net. Terry was manning the net, it was far too much pressure for me as it was the first fish for her from start to finish and I didn't want to mess up on the home stretch! There were smiles all around as that fish was landed safely inside the net.

** Proud mother moment!!

Hooked and released on a 9'0 #5 G.Loomis IMX-Pro. Lamson Velocity reel with a Rio #6 line (more on line selection for these beautiful rods in another post).

It was a beautiful, fresh, silver female.

Weight: 12 pounds

Girth: 16 inches

Length: 32 inches

Released with a smile in 10 degree water.

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