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Back in the kitchen!

I love salmon fishing. I love trips. But there's something nice about being back in your own kitchen!

After a week in Labrador, the garden needed a little bit of love today.

I pulled a few beets and carrots, picked some herbs and a few peas.

First on the menu was a fresh glass of juice!

I cleaned some beets and carrots from the garden.

Found ginger, lemon and apples in the fridge and got to work.


-2 apples, washed & quartered.

-1 inch piece of ginger, washed.

-1/2 lemon, peel removed.

-2 carrots washed

-2 medium beets washed


Place in juicer or alternatively in a high powered blender with some water. Strain and enjoy immediately.

This delicious beet juice is sure to revive you after a day of travel! Kid approved!!

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